“Citizenship by Investment” – your gateway to top global destinations

 “Citizenship by Investment” offers a very viable balance between a new life in a new country and economic stability in this new life situation.

So, what exactly do you mean by citizenship?

Citizenship, is an implied relationship between an individual and a country/ nation to which the individual owes allegiance and in turn is entitled to its protection. In general, full political rights, including the right to vote and to hold public office, are offered to a citizen and in turn the citizen carries the usual responsibilities of citizenship such as paying taxes, honoring the country and in some cases military service.

Investing in overseas real estate has been one of the most popular ways of acquiring citizenship in Countries across the world.

“Citizenship by Investment” is a process of acquiring rights and have access to obtaining the passport of the country by investing money in their economy.

But why do people INVEST in properties to become a citizen?

Citizenship can be for many different reasons but it opens a new path for embarking new areas. It provides a sense of security and enables global and tax mobility!

Benefits of having citizenship by investment

There are tons of benefits of availing or obtaining  citizenship

  • Availing services – The individual can avail all the benefits that a normal resident receives, like healthcare and education.
  • Voting rights – You get the opportunity to cast your vote and elect the representative of your choice.
  • A better lifestyle – You get all the benefits and as an investor can avail of a good, peaceful life and luxurious life.
  • Job opportunities – You get access to more business and job opportunities according to your choice and talents.
  • Return on investment – Investing in top global destination, provides a better rate of return and enables long-term benefits.
How to become a citizen in top global destinations through investments.
Every country according to its law enforcement has a set of requirements that are highly required to become a citizen. It is different and varies across countries. Say, for example, to become a US citizen, an individual is required to apply for the investor program visa and fill an N-400 form, where an immigrant visa is issued to an investment amount of $1.8 million and above where in other countries, they have a different regulation.

Usually, citizenship is granted within a tenure of 3 – 4 months UPTO 5 OR 6 YEARS depending on the law and regulations of the host country.

Here are some points which are common in almost every country, which makes you eligible to become a citizen by investment.

  • Age – The age of the investor must be above 18, i.e. he must be legally allowed to invest in properties and should be of sane mind.
  • Health – There’s always a health check even before granting a visa, some programs do require medical and health proof, but it most and foremost depends on the country.
  • Criminal Records – The individual investing must have a clean criminal record. It is also one of the major factors of why citizenship gets canceled.
  • Financial Records – As important as having clean records are, you need to submit all your source of finance to invest and also pay tax.
  • Residence – The investor should be a frequent physical visitor at the permanent registered residence.

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