World’s most powerful passports during the pandemic

According to recent reports, here are the top 10 countries which have the world’s most powerful passport. The report is based keeping into account the mobility and travel restrictions considering the ongoing pandemic situation.

  • New-Zealand –
    This country is popular for its lush green landscape has emerged as the most powerful country in terms of passport all across the globe.
    Passport holders of New-Zealand have a visa-free journey to up to 129 destinations worldwide.
  •  Japan –
    A country known for its tea ceremonies and heritages ranks second on the list of the most powerful passports giving holders easy, free visas to 128 countries. The second spot is also shared by countries like South Korea, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia, and Ireland.
  • Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France, Finland and Italy –
    These countries are the most popular exotic tourist places all across the world enriched with culture, architecture, and art enabling access to 127 countries. These countries are also included in top destinations that tourists love to visit.
  • The United Kingdom-
    Along with Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, ranks fourth worldwide giving visas to 126 counties.
  • Malta, Latvia –
    These European countries are known for their heritage, share their fifth position with Slovenia. These countries give their passport holders to travel access to over 126 countries all across the globe.
  • Greece –
    With a hassle-free journey to 124 destinations, Greece with the citizens of Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, etc, share the sixth position in the world’s most powerful passport list.
  • Slovakia –
    A country located in central Europe known for its mountains and ski resorts and beautiful old castles and historical churches, gives its citizens travel access to 123 destinations around the world with a seventh ranking position.
  • Croatia –
    This country shares its borders with Slovenia, which in itself is an amazing travel destination with beaches that changes water according to the weather. With an abundance of ancient ruins and artifacts, a citizen of Croatia along with the citizens of Cyprus and Monaco with 121 visa destinations.
  • Bulgaria and Romania –
    These countries are abundantly blessed with landscapes, terrains, hot springs, accompanied by deep-rooted traditions and cultures and Traditional pottery and kitchenware, etc. These countries are emerging as top travel destinations, giving its citizens travel and visa access to 120 countries.
  •  Uruguay and San Marino –
    These countries with mostly Christian habitats are one of the prominent emerging countries post the world war. San Marino is known worldwide as the world’s oldest surviving republic and Uruguay ranks first in Latin America for peace, democracy and low perception of corruption . These countries give their citizens a  hassle-free journey to over a 115 destinations.
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