Living it Up; Globally!

Travelling to places, visiting those famous heard-so-much-about monuments, enjoying the regional cuisines is the BEST Holiday routine. But its often complicated to decide which country you’d like to explore next! So, this holiday season Krypton would like to present an insightful blog on living it up in various countries globally!

Let’s explore the culture, lifestyle and your next holiday destination!



Home to the oldest living culture; Australia is one of the most prosperous nations on Earth. With over 300 languages, 10,000 beaches and kangaroos double than the human population; Australia sits #2 on the Human Development Index. To add, Australia is home to the Worlds Largest Living Organism- The Great Barrier Reef.

You’d be amazed to know that Australia’s city Melbourne has been the Worlds most livable city since 7 consecutive years! Not only that but also 5.1% of Rental Return makes Melbourne extremely alluring for investors. And if those aren’t enough reasons to visit Australia this holiday season then visit Australia for its bubblegum pink lakes!

United Arab Emirates:

Dubai KryptonCrowned with the tallest, largest, biggest, best of multiple structures; UAE is the treasure of superlatives! From ATMs dispensing gold bars to a near-zero crime rate; UAE has stunned us with their unrivalled achievements. Decorated with the iconic skylines, world-famous beach resorts and World’s largest man-made island; UAE has remarkable excursion spots.

With over 20.7 million tourists visiting annually; the Emirates earn a huge chunk from travelers. With such magnitude of pulling in tourism money; UAE is highly appealing to overseas investors. Another reason why Krypton too suggests investing in UAE is because of its 7% Guaranteed Rental Returns!

If you’re out on a vacation and also a smart investor; we recommend you browse through these properties!

United Kingdom:

UK KryptonUnited Kingdom is the World’s 10th biggest tourist destination for a reason! The Shard, Big Ben, ArcelorMittal Orbit , Fire festival of Scotland are few of the many spots tourists would see while in U.K. London proudly flaunts its Royal Botanic Gardens that presents over 50,000 species of plants and is known to be one of the best gardens globally.

The inbound tourism at U.K. brings £22.9 billion annually. With tourists that travel in such huge numbers; it is no wonder that the country has been the center of attraction for investors too. And why would it not be!? U.K. properties bring in guaranteed Rental returns of 8% with growth prospect present.

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A multi-religious country most popular for its scenic coastal tourism; Malaysia brings a culture of living suitable to all. The country takes pride in the fact that its capital Kuala Lumpur is home to the world’s tallest twin towers: The Petronas Towers.

To enjoy its beautiful view day in and day out; one can own a property in the Star Ascott and rent it out to yield guaranteed 6% rental returns. Milo the Malaysian superlative for chocolate is an integral part of the food courts and cafes here. Malaysia scores 0.8 on the UNDP’s Human Development Index. It denotes that Malaysia ranks on the higher end of scale when it comes to education, life expectancy and per capita income indicators. Along with which, the World Happiness Report score obtained by Malaysia is 5.339.

So which country will you be visiting this Holiday season? Would you be investing in any properties? Why would you park money in overseas investments? Do give your opinions.

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