E2 VISA – U.S. Citizenship in MONTHS!

Are you a smart investor who wants to earn returns from US investments or do you wish to own a business in the US? Do you desire your child graduates from World-renowned universities? Or do you see a well-built future in the US and wish to obtain an EB5 VISA but it is too expensive and the time frame is too broad? Have you heard of the E2 VISA?

While getting an EB5 seems like a nerve-racking experience; it is expensive too with the United States’ EB-5 program fees nearly doubling to $900,000! Krypton brings an affordable and much convenient path! Our smart assistance will not only save so many thousands but also precious years. So what do we recommend?


Krypton’s Mona Jalota suggests going for Grenada’s citizenship program: CBI. We chose Grenada because it is not only a lush, tropical island but Grenadian passport offers VISA free access to over 140 countries. Moreover, Grenada program offers a relatively simple, fast process, at an investment of just $220,000. Such an investment facilitates the process of obtaining an E2 VISA. How?! The investment provides a tangible connection between the applicant and the country which further goes to fortify any E2 application.

Once approved for Grenadian citizenship, the E2 VISA process can be completed through a U.S. immigration attorney. Many of these have special E-2 investor vehicles ready to go if an applicant does not have a business ready enterprise of their own. The ‘substantial investment’ requirement stipulated in the E-2 application can be as little as $150,000. It must be in a business that is a real operating enterprise offering a tangible good or service, such as hairdressers, fast food stores or gas stations. The visa is renewable every two years as long as the business remains viable.

If it seems overwhelming; you can always reach out to Krypton Global Investments with queries and we will handhold the citizens throughout the entire Migration process. We begin by evaluating your intent of migrating and obtain clarity in order to reach a common ground. Further, we check the citizen’s skill set and profile to find the most appropriate course of action. Here we curate and provide the most viable choices to the citizens based on their investment budget and intent of migration. Next, we begin with the documentation process wherein Krypton’s preferred legal partners assist you through it. And boom! We have successfully completed the Migration Process!


But that’s not the end of our Journey. We know how difficult it is to migrate to a whole new Country! So we further help you with Relocation services. Beyond that, we assist citizens with Business broking services that is we help you discover and acquire businesses of your interest. Along with which we also help you settle in a neighbourhood of your choice. We guarantee that Krypton’s Migration Services are the most comforting and peaceful.

That’s how easy obtaining E2 VISA and migrating with Krypton is! If you are or know somebody who is looking for Quick and Easy Migration Services do inform them of the numerous advantages we provide.

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