Golden Visa, a great way to migrate to Dubai

Residing in the UAE is much more unique compared to other cities. It is home to people of diverse origins, has zero income tax, and is jazzier than New York and London for party-lovers. There is never a boring day here, with the skies predominantly blue. 

It also enjoys  a dynamic marketplace and an excellent repute aa a thriving and futuristic hub for global trade and business. 

Accompanied by energetic metropolises that embrace expats with open arms, here are the reasons why it is one of the finest places to live in:

  • When people hear Dubai, they think about all the extravagances, skyscrapers, and fast cars and marvel how people can afford it. The city is home to many designer boutiques and 7-star luxury hotels. There are many approaches to experience the richness of the city; for instance, you can revel in Dubai’s culinary and diverse dishes from all over the realm or purchase designer clothes. If you think you can’t afford these luxuries, you are wrong!

  • The most glamorous reason to shift to the UAE is that you don’t have to pay taxes. This means that they will pay you better than other countries, but nothing will be deducted. You will have extra funds for your expenses and the future as you will be spending less with no VAT on food and goods. A tax-free salary allows you and your family to live a better life and is how most people afford a luxurious lifestyle with extra dirhams.
  • UAE is also a family friendly country because the government invests heavily in healthcare and provides education of international standards providing the opportunity for children to learn from the best schools.  The healthcare system is also reliable and you can obtain the best services. Along with this, the transport facilities are immaculate. Being clean, fast, modern and air conditioned, the metros, buses and taxis are extremely useful.

  • When you search Dubai, the first pop up shows that it is a city of recreation. You can visit beautiful gardens or experience a thrilling desert safari. Massive malls with an assortment of shops and plentiful fast-food joints and restaurants. The fun does not end here because you can go to the cinema, aquariums, and ice rinks indoor.

  • This, together with annual GDP growth of 5 %, makes the economy invincible. Dubai corporations also make it a point to pay their employees generously.

  • Last but not the least, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world! The crime rate is extremely low and it is safe for both men and women to roam without any danger or threat. Multiple religions coexist peacefully and show respect to each other, much like India’s diverse culture.

What if we told you that there was a way to immigrate to Dubai easily and conveniently?

Here is the Golden Visa of UAE:

The Golden Visa provides favourable access to a world class destination,  lifestyle and a collection of benefits in the country and the Middle Eastern market.

The criteria for obtaining this residence visa is as simple as purchasing a house in the country or making a relatively sizable investment in a business or being a person of exceptional talent or being a significant contributor in the world ecosystem.

At Krypton Global Investments we help identify good real estate options, business transactions, conduct applications ,and give access to relevant legal and tax professionals to mention in the least. 


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