What makes the Portugal Golden Visa the most sought after PR to Europe?

Portugal combines all the best bits of Europe, from picturesque beaches to vibrant cities andincredible landscapes. Plus, with one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, it’s fastbecoming a popular destination for expats and digital nomads.     Portugal started issuing residence permits by investment in 2012. This program is soughtafter by the investors...

E2 VISA – U.S. Citizenship in MONTHS!

Are you a smart investor who wants to earn returns from US investments or do you wish to own a business in the US? Do you desire your child graduates from World-renowned universities? Or do you see a well-built future in the US and wish to obtain an EB5 VISA but it is too expensive...

11 Handy Tips for Immigrants.

Thinking of relocating? Would you be soon migrating to another country for pursuing the career of your dreams? Have you figured out the country, city and accommodation facility available? Or are you still planning on the entire Migration? (Visit here for virtual assistance) While it can be the most frightening thing right now; being an...

Living it Up; Globally!

Travelling to places, visiting those famous heard-so-much-about monuments, enjoying the regional cuisines is the BEST Holiday routine. But its often complicated to decide which country you’d like to explore next! So, this holiday season Krypton would like to present an insightful blog on living it up in various countries globally! Let’s explore the culture, lifestyle...

Migration: Process Not A Problem!

MIGRATION! In hopes of graduating from world-renowned universities, in search of better work opportunities and in the faith of setting up a venture. There are numerous reasons which would encourage citizens to migrate. But how can a person settle on what is the best decision for them and hence which country is the most suitable...

U.S. Visa via Grenadian Citizenship

Do You Wish To Migrate To The U.S. Or Have Seamless Accessibility To The U.S.A.?Is Eb-5 Visa an expensive and time-consuming process? Krypton Global Investments has an AFFORDABLE, VIABLE and a QUICKER option: the E2 Visa. While the traditional EB5 Visa now costs AS HIGH AS $900,000 and takes nearly 6 to 8 YEARS to...

Types of Visas Available in UAE

UAE Property Market continues to attract investors from all around the world. World-class infrastructure, flexible visa rules and promising rental yields are some of the main reasons why UAE always rules the roost when it comes to real estate investment. If you are also planning to invest in property in UAE and are wondering which...

World’s most powerful passports during the pandemic

World’s most powerful passports during the pandemic According to recent reports, here are the top 10 countries which have the world’s most powerful passport. The report is based keeping into account the mobility and travel restrictions considering the ongoing pandemic situation. New-Zealand – This country is popular for its lush green landscape has emerged as...

U.S. Migration A Perspective

Apart from the United States of America immigrating to some countries could be a lawful or political concern. Numerous individuals or families migrate to the United States of America, owing to its adaptive history. The United States of America is recognized as a nation of immigrants. According to the experts, there are considerable reasons for...

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