3 Visas to Migrate to the UK

Innovator visa service

The Innovator visa replaces the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and offers proven business entrepreneurs and experienced professionals an extremely attractive UK immigration route.

Start-up visa service

The Start-up visa replaces Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa and offers less experienced entrepreneurs a path to UK residency by using their skill and innovation

Sole Representative visa

To be a sole representative you must be employed by the parent company in a senior job role within the company and must have the authority to take operational decisions once in the UK

Krypton Global Investments understand the power of how small, yet how big our world is; where opportunities are endless for investors like you to embark upon a new journey in a new continent, country, or city of your choice.

Krypton Global Investments facilitates their clients with the below services-
  1. Introduction to Professional Connections
  2. Sector-specific Networking
  3. Quarterly Review of progress including Management Accounts
  4. Comprehensive Review of Intellectual Property Options
  5. FX Options
  6. Communication and Presentation Skills
  7. General Advice and Support
  8. Growth Strategy Consultations
  9. Registration of UK business

For more inquiries reach out to us on info.kryptonglobalinvestments@gmail.com or

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